Who are we?

Now all modern boerenmeisjes can have broekies for their koekies

A few years ago, 15 to be exact, I had the idea for a locally designed, printed and manufactured lingerie brand specifically created for the modern Boerenmeisje; a sophisticated woman with values who will reveal a playful, naughty side of herself - if you ask her nicely.

And there I was in 2019, and I could finally say it out loud: Boerenmeisje has officially launched!

The doily is not only an iconic feature of any traditional Afrikaans kitchen, it also shares the same frilly features as lacey underwear. We turned this Afrikaans tea-time classic into our brand icon. The motif is B for Boerenmeisje, B for Boobs and B for Bums, depending on which side the logo is turned, adding to the fun-loving nature of the brand. 

Boerenmeisje combines a touch of innocence with a touch of wild. In keeping with this, the colour palette pairs a soft pink with her darker counterpart, black – while the typography embellishes a modest, functional font with a more decorative, ornamental typeface. 

Each of the six underwear ranges is named and described on a scale of ‘spice’ - from the innocent KOEKIEBROEKIE, SOETKOEKIE & MELKTERT to the scarce VLOSSIE (g-strings) and the raunchy TIERVEL LEEUTERT(lusty leopard prints), allowing each Boerenmeisje to find the perfect panty for her. 

We revealed our first range at KAMERS/Makers, which took place in Sandton 26 April through 01 May 2019. And you LOVED us! Thank you to all the wonderful meisjes who came to see us and bought some of our wares. You have all made this particular Boerenmeisje incredibly happy.

2020 has taken a strange turn, but we are all in this together and although very challenging in some areas, equally rewarding in others. 

For now while wearing our masks Boerenmeisje says: 

Want jou oë doen die praatwerk